What drives me as a coach?

My work as a coach is built upon these principles which I hold true:

  • We only have one life, which is a beautiful gift
  • We owe it to ourselves and to those we love to live our life the best way we can
  • Human beings are amazing and we all have greatness within us
  • We should all find our unique awesomeness and let our light shine as brightly as it can
  • By doing this we bring light to the world and give everyone around us permission to shine their beautiful lights brightly too
  • We can all have a life that we love, we just need to know how

These principles drive me in my work as a coach and in life, I see living proof of them in the changes I see in the people I work with.

Making these life altering changes becomes easier when we release the pain of the past, release the pressure of now and release the fear of the future. I help people turn this into pride for their past, confidence in their now and excitement for their future. I love the fact that I am able to help so many people to do just that! 

Using my natural gift as an empathetic listener, I am able to make people feel seen, heard and understood. I love helping people to see how awesome they are,  see them grow in confidence, love themselves more and achieve great things. Often things that they didn't know  were possible for them. 

I would love to help you in the same way too. I invite you to  work with me across your complete life - work, career, relationships, health, wherever you want to go. By listening without judgement and using simple tools; I will work with you to make deep, long lasting change and help you to live a life that you love.  

Drop me a line and let's start you on your awesome, unique journey. It all starts with just one press of the purple button - go ahead, press it.

Want to know more?

I am waiting to hear from you - get in touch and let’s start you on your journey to living a life that you love. 

Passion, Professionalism and Experience


I have over 20 years of formal experience in helping people positively navigate their lives, growing them in confidence and supporting them to successfully jump over their hurdles.

With a professional background in human resources and learning and development, I have extensive experience in :

  • Developing crystal clear visions
  • Developing inspirational and achievable goals.
  • Effective motivation and confidence building
  • Growing self awareness in others
  • Effective relationship management and mediation
  • Effective leadership 
  • Supporting professionals and executives in navigating the corporate world

Having developed my skills academically and professionally, I have successfully coached executives, professionals, stay at home parents and  young adults. 

I have formal training and advanced master practitioner accreditation in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Time Line Therapy.  I am a qualified Mental Health First Aider with formal accreditation.  

I also have formal advanced qualifications with the CIPD, Prince 2 and the Institute of Directors (IOD), demonstrating my extensive understanding of the corporate world and the wider world too. All of this I will use to support you; to live a life that you love. 

how we will work together


Firstly - I will listen to you

Firstly - I will listen to you

Firstly - I will listen to you

 I will listen to everything you want to share with enthusiastic curiosity.  I will listen to your thoughts, fears, frustrations, moments of pride, hopes, wishes, and dreams. 

Together we will unpack your current life, what's working and what's not working. We will then get a clear picture of what you want from your unique life. 


Develop vision and clear steps

Firstly - I will listen to you

Firstly - I will listen to you

 With a clear vision of what a wonderful life looks like for you  - I will help you map out the steps and resources you need to achieve what you want out of life. 

I will use simple tools to ensure that we remove any negative emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs that have held you back from achieving what you want so far.  


Establish accountability

I want to love my life, what do I do now?

I want to love my life, what do I do now?

 Then I will hold you accountable, I will be your critical friend, challenging you,  discussing how you are progressing with your plans and offering encouragement and support as you take your journey towards the life you want.  

The life you deserve.


I want to love my life, what do I do now?

I want to love my life, what do I do now?

I want to love my life, what do I do now?

This all starts you YOU taking the first step. Get in touch, it's a simple as starting with one conversation. 

I'm waiting to start you on your journey to live a life you love.

Get in touch with me, I am SO excited for you, I hope you are excited for you too!